Wedding Planning Tips

Dream Wedding Day!  Photo - Lizzie Baker Photography
Dream Wedding Day! Photo – Lizzie Baker Photography

Who is on your wedding planning team? Your fiancee, a family member, your wedding planner? Planning a wedding is a lot like building a house. You must start with a plan, a strong foundation, and a timeline. You can’t start building the house without a blueprint, and so it is the same in wedding planning. You can’t start planning a wedding without a solid plan of action. By having a plan of action, you will find the planning process to be easy and fun.

Your Plan. Decide who is going to help you and educate you in the planning process. The person who can help you the best would be your wedding planner. She has a lot of knowledge of the wedding industry and she will tell you how you can plan all the little details with ease. She will set up a master checklist for you to use. This will help you keep everything on track and done on time. She will help you decide the items that are a priority for you, and which you should take care of first.

Your Foundation. Booking your vendors, picking a date and venue are all important items to work on first. After those items are done, everything else will fall into place after that. You will find that the vendors you have already booked, can recommend other vendors for you to consider in other areas that you still need to check off your list.

Your Timeline. Having a Detailed Checklist with dates for when items are to be completed will be a huge help to you. And communicating with your planner regularly to review what has been checked off, and what is coming up next is very important. By the week of your wedding, your checklist will be complete and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your special day!

When you have a plan, a foundation, and a timeline to plan your wedding, you will find that planning your wedding is easy, simple and fun!


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