Personalize Your Wedding Day

Photo: Clary Pfeiffer
Photo: Clary Pfeiffer

As you plan your wedding, you will realize that you have certain ideas for bringing your dream day to life. Your wedding day will tell the love story of the two of you. By using your personalized touches, and things that mean the most to you, your guests will experience and appreciate your love story.

Do you both love tacos? Then serve them at your wedding. Do you have a fur baby? Then incorporate something about your fur baby. This could be the form of cookies, cake topper, drink names or cocktail napkins. Do you love the beach? Then use an item like shells for escort cards. You can decorate using your college colors, or use the shakers from you college days. Your guest book can be cookbook or coffeetable book of the city where you are holding your wedding.

You can do whatever you want, the possibilities are endless! Just make it yours. By using items that reflect you and your fiancee, it will make your day even more special. Think outside the box, and then come up with fun ideas to personalize your day your way!


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