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Where do I start to plan my wedding? How do I choose a venue for my wedding? How much time does it take to plan a wedding? Where will I find my vendors? Who do I invite? There are just a few of the questions we get from our clients as they begin the wedding […]

Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

We recently sat down with Sarah Clawson, an award-winning videographer and owner of Sarah Clawson Films, and asked her a few questions about her wedding videography business. With a recent website update and rebranding we thought this would be the perfect time to interview Sarah and learn more about Sarah and her business. Sarah started […]

Interview with Sarah Clawson, Owner of Sarah Clawson Films, Atlanta, Georgia

Way back in the day, the tradition was that the parents paid for everything for their child’s wedding. But times have changed and so have the traditions. Today’s etiquette of who will pay for the wedding is ever-changing. These days even the couple themselves find themselves paying for some or all of the wedding expenses. […]

Wedding Budget Help!

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Choosing Your Vendors and not sure where to start? Here is some helpful information for you!

Wedding Planning – Choosing Your Vendors!

You are recently engaged and you now have a wedding to plan! You are excited and can’t wait to get started, but once you do begin to plan you realize it is not as fun as you thought it would be! Wedding planning is essentially a part-time job! If you think about the number of hours you spend emailing vendors, visiting venues, researching Pinterest floral ideas it can add up pretty quickly. Let’s say you spend 4 hours a week and you are engaged for one year, (52 weeks) that is 208 hours!

Four Wedding Planning Tips

What it covers and why you should invest in it! When you are planning a wedding you have many items on your checklist to do, to buy, or to book. Like finding your wedding venue, and wedding dress, and choosing the cake and flowers. These are all new, exciting, and fun things to do during […]

Wedding Insurance

The five most commonly asked wedding planning questions we get! When you start to plan your wedding your head will be filled with many ideas and questions! We are here to tell you the five most commonly asked questions we get from newly engaged couples. And we are happy to provide quick and easy answers […]

Wedding Planning FAQ’s

Did you just get engaged? Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? You are not alone! The majority of couples we speak with feel the same way! Immediately the engagement the reality sets in with all of the work that has to be done to create your dream wedding day! People will be congratulating you […]

Wedding Planning Overwhelm!

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Our wedding couple searched several venues and could not find “the one” until they visited The Golf Club of Georgia in Alpharetta, Georgia. None of the venues felt right to them, but once they saw the Golf Club they were hooked. Since the groom played Golf it was an obvious choice for them! They told […]

Golf Club of Georgia Wedding, Alpharetta, Georgia

Things NOT TO DO when planning your wedding! Planning a wedding takes time, patience, and money! There is a method to all of the madness! It is like baking a cake. You have to preheat the oven to get it to the correct temperature, (booking a venue and setting a date) mix the ingredients (finding […]

Wedding Planning Pitfalls!

Most wedding venues require wedding couples to secure a wedding coordinator or planner for their wedding day. And we think this is a great idea! Why? Because the venue manager is in charge of only the venue and your wedding coordinator or planner oversees all of the aspects of the wedding day! There are so […]

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

One of the most popular statements we hear from potential clients is, “I need help with all the little details”. Followed up with, “I don’t want to forget anything!” We hear you and we know you are concerned. Especially because you do not know what all those little details are yet! But we do! Because […]

Wedding Day Details