Wedding Planning – Choosing Your Vendors!

You found the venue, you set the date, now you need to find your vendors! What’s next? Wedding planning takes time, patience, and flexibility! There are so many pieces to the wedding day puzzle, and getting them all to fit perfectly takes work! Planning a wedding is like having a part-time side hustle! Researching, contacting, and booking vendors take up a lot of time! You already have a full-time job and you are so excited to start the planning, but do you have the extra time to devote to this?

You would love to hire a vendor dream team. But where do you start to find your vendors? A wedding planner and or coordinator will be your most valuable resource. Sure you can scroll reviews online, but do you have the time for this? Your wedding planner has a list already of the most professional, responsible, reliable vendors whom they have worked with before. And whom they recommend and trust to do a great job and fit within your budget. So we suggest when you are looking for wedding planning help, vendor recommendations should be included in the services from your planner.

Most wedding industry professionals are busy on the weekends working weddings while you have two days off from work to do your planning! So with reverse schedules, it can be hard to connect with your vendors. Sometimes email threads can be long and difficult to keep track of and phone call tag happens frequently. It could take you a week or longer to connect with a vendor. It can be very time consuming and frustrating.

So to avoid this major pitfall of vendor communication, have your professional wedding planner/coordinator take on this task for you! It will save you so much time! Your planner can find out for you if a certain vendor has availability, has a price guide, and can review their contracts for you! You will still be involved in the planning as you will be making the ultimate choice on whom to hire. But you don’t have to waste hours emailing, calling, and waiting on vendors’ replies! Let your planner do the leg work for you! This will save you time and money!

With the pandemic still in place, and vendors catching up, their schedules are jam-packed and they too don’t have as much time to communicate. Think of your planner as the connector between the two of you – your planner is there to make communication easier for both of you! Having patience and grace with your vendors right now is important. They are doing their best, but realize there are supply chain and workforce shortages, so they have their own struggles to deal with as well.

You want to plan the wedding of your dreams and you want to hire a wonderful vendor team. It will happen, you will just have to have patience and flexibility. Let your planner/coordinator help you find your vendor dream team and in the process help you get the big vendor items checked off your wedding planning list!

Whether you are getting married this year or next, enjoy the planning process, hire a professional planner to guide you. And remember to keep the end goal in mind – YOU WILL GET MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!


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