Top Three Wedding Planning Tips For Today’s Couples!

Wedding planning should be exciting and fun, However, we are still in a pandemic. Some people are vaccinated, some are not, some wedding professionals are still in business, some are not. This epic event has caused a tremendous burden on those who work in the wedding industry as well as those couples trying to plan a wedding!

What does all of this mean for you? As a couple who recently got engaged to their significant other, and want to move to the next stage of your relationship, marriage, it means that you will need to be a little more patient and flexible with your planning.

So we are here to guide you with some helpful information to lessen the burden for you. We have made a list of three very important tips for you to keep in mind while you are planning your wedding now. 

1. Wedding Vendors are overbooked.

What does this mean, well basically you have to be even more flexible on your choice your vendors. And you will also need to be flexible with your wedding date. Think about a Friday or Sunday, as Saturday’s are mostly booked. Vendors are booking two years of weddings into one. So their communication to you may be a bit slower than normal. In addition, they may be understaffed. Last year they furloughed employees and some did not return this year. So give them some grace. And have your planner reach out to them too. You will hear back, it just may take some time.

2. Expect some sticker shock.

Everything will cost much more than you think! You will have to keep in mind as the supply chain is also recovering and items are not as readily available as they once were. For instance, white roses are in short supply, so you know what that means the price will be high for them!

You will hire an average of eight vendors to work for you. And most of them have had to raise their rates. We recommend you plan ahead and add an extra 30% to your ideal budget. To be realistic your wedding will cost more than you originally planned. You will need to prioritize your spending and choose the priority vendors first. Pick the three areas of importance and spend the majority of your budget there.


This applies to every single vendor you book. As we said in number one, they are currently overbooked, most are full this year and approaching full for next year. And some are already have 2023 bookings! Especially with rates rising, your best bet is to book now and lock in your rates. And to guarantee your favorite vendor’s availability! Do not wait, book today! The early bird gets the worm!

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it does not have to be! We hope you find these tips helpful during your wedding planning process. You can always reach out to us for more information! We are here to help you!


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