Interview with Wedding Photographer, Lissette Suarez, Co-Owner, Viridian Images

Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. We recently sat down with Lissette Suarez, co-owner of Viridian Images Photography, and asked her a few questions about her business and what couples need to know before booking their wedding photographer!

How did you get started in photography?

As a child, I liked taking pictures, and while in high school I enrolled in a technical college for photography classes. After noticing my interest in photography, my father remodeled our laundry room into a darkroom. We’re talking film back then!

After graduation, the corporate world called and several years were dedicated to a more traditional career as a print production consultant. All along friends continuously reached out requesting I photograph their weddings which kept my interest strong. In 2010 my husband suggested that I return to the one thing I enjoy the most. And Viridian Images Photography was born.

What is one of your favorite things about being a wedding photographer?

The ability to stop time. No other medium can make you think and feel the sincerity of the moment as well as a still frame.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Perhaps the moment when speeches begin during the reception. Emotions always flow during this point in a wedding. What a privilege to see a parent or close friend express all the reasons that make a bride or groom such a meaningful person in their life. This is actually one of the most challenging portions of the day to capture as we endeavor to include all subjects in the frame at a time. In and of itself, it becomes one of the truest forms of storytelling. The combination of observing a moment like this along with the technical challenge of framing it all together can render one of the greatest rewards during our coverage.

What would you like couples to keep in mind about wedding day photography?

Lighting is everything in photography. While location and weather can play a role in creating a photograph, an exceptional image will always shine because of how the photograph is lit. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, beautiful images can be created under the most unlikely of circumstances when the proper light is applied. In the absence of natural light, artificial light can be created to mimic the sun or simply used to create an artistic look. A skilled photographer will have the ability to transform any scenario into a properly lit photo making the process seamless to the couple.

One other thing to keep in mind is, time sometimes plays a factor. 80% of the wedding day, our coverage is photojournalistic in nature, meaning we are shooting candid moments. On those occasions, time is not a factor as we maneuver around the moments as they unfold. However,

portraits require some time to set up. Therefore it’s always important to schedule family photos and bridal portraits relying on the input from a photographer.

What sets you apart from other photographers?
We feel our greatest strength is our creativity. With our studio, you get two professional photographers; a husband and wife team. This provides two artists that consistently fuse together a unique form of visual artistry. While we certainly deliver photographs that any couple would expect from a wedding photographer, we pride ourselves in creating artistic portraits that showcases a couple’s relationship.

What are your prices?
Our wedding collections begin at $3599 for up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage. Since every wedding has different needs, prices will vary according to priorities. On average most couples invest around $4800. Nonetheless, we’re happy to provide greater detail to find a collection that best suits your specific needs.

Is there anything else we should know?
Photography is truly a passion. We hope our portfolio communicates how important these once-in-a-lifetime events are to us. We truly approach each wedding as if it were our own.

Where can couples find you?
To see our work, please visit us at:

Website: or on

To reach us, email us at or call us at 678.905.7545

Thank you so much, Lissette, we appreciate your time and information!

We hope you found the information helpful as you search for your wedding photographer!


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