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One of the most popular statements we hear from potential clients is, “I need help with all the little details”. Followed up with, “I don’t want to forget anything!” We hear you and we know you are concerned. Especially because you do not know what all those little details are yet! But we do!

Because you have not planned a wedding before, and we have many times, we have learned about these mysterious little details. Couples tell us about this during our first consultation when we ask what they are worried about! Don’t worry, we have a plan so you won’t forget anything! We are planners, and we love lists and more lists! We will be there with a customized checklist to remind you beforehand of all of the pieces that need to be put into place to create your dream wedding day. And then we will be there on your wedding day to see it all through!

All of the little details add up to make the big details! Here are a few of those details you have probably not thought about yet because all you want to do right now is go dress shopping!

  1. Transportation of you and your fiance to and from the ceremony and reception – how will get there and how will you get home. Most couples do not think about this until right before the wedding day! Will you walk home? Yes, we have had couples do that!
  2. Guests’ Wedding Attire – what type of wedding are you having? Black tie, semi-formal, casual. How should your guests dress? This is something that should be included in your wedding invitation and most couples never think about this.
  3. Reception Start Time – this is very important if you are having a church ceremony and the reception does not start for a couple of hours later. You do not want guests showing up to the venue early while it is still being set up! Put this time on your invitation. Your guests need specific directions!
  4. Hydrate! Provide water for you, your wedding, and your family. The day is long and photos take a while and the weather in Georgia can get pretty hot! Add in the rehearsal dinner the night before, and some pregaming beverages and you are already dehydrated. Plus you will not eat again too much later in the day when dinner is served. So please drink water throughout the day! We cannot stress this enough!

These are just a few of the “little details” to your wedding day. There are so many more, like the cake topper, the guest book, the ceremony programs, the welcome sign, and the table numbers, but we will make sure you have them all! You just sit back and enjoy your day. Your planner will make sure that every little detail is taken care of for you! We will remind you of all of the little details throughout the planning process and make sure they are all in place on your wedding day!

Photo by Glorious Moments Photography

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