Congratulations! You got Engaged during a Pandemic. Now What?

Congrats! You said Yes!
Congrats! You said Yes!

Love does not wait, love does not cancel, love does not care if there is a worldwide Pandemic! Congratulations on your recent Engagement! What an exciting time for you and your fiancee! So much to think about and so much to plan. You are probably getting asked a lot of questions from friends and family such as, When is the date? Where will the wedding be? How many people can you invite? Slow down, we just got Engaged yesterday!

You have decided you found your soulmate and you want to married and maybe soon. Right now planning a wedding is a little more challenging, however it can be done! We have put together 4 Tips for you Planning your Wedding during a Pandemic to make it easy, simple and fun.

  1. Hire A Wedding Planner/Coordinator. This is the easy part for you. You will need a professional who can guide you during these times when things need a little bit more attention to detail. Due to the ever changing environment, guest counts, venue openings and vendor availability is limited. Your planner will be able to keep you up to date with these items and help you with your planning.
  2. Think Small. Right now weddings are small, but still very special. Having the most important people in your life there is what matters. You can have a Small Intimate Wedding that will be simple to plan and budget friendly too!
  3. Keep An Open Mind. You may have always dreamed of a large 300 person event, and if that is what you want then you will have to wait a while for it. If you do not want to wait then we suggest you think of the 3 things that you really want on your wedding day and focus on those.
  4. Think Outside The Box. This is going take a little bit more of imagination here. Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday. But right now all the Saturday’s might be taken by venues and vendors now and next year as well. We suggest you think about a Friday, Sunday or Weekday to get married. There are a few benefits to this. Everything will cost you less, you will have a wide selection of dates to choose from and you will be able to book the venue and vendors that you really want. An objection maybe that you think no one wants to take an extra day off from work to come on a weekday, but guess what? If you got married on a Saturday, they still would be taking the Friday off! Also, when looking back at your wedding photos everyone will say what a beautiful day it was. No one will ever say what day of the week was it?

We hope you will find these tips helpful as you begin to plan your dream wedding. No matter when you plan to get married it will be a beautiful, blissful day for you and your fiancee! For now enjoy your Engagement! We would love to help you plan and manage your wedding day. We will run your day so you don’t have to. You can contact us at


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