Interview with Grier Donald, Owner of Spirited Event Group

Grier Donald, Owner of Spirited Event Group
Grier Donald, Owner of Spirited Event Group

Spirited Event Group, is a sales and marketing firm that assists venues with their private events. The owner, Grier was kind enough to answer my questions about her company. She helps venues and clients come together to plan memorable events at some really cool, unique brewery venues in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Working with breweries, Grier runs the events side of the business for them. Thus taking the event planning off the plate of the tap manager of the brewery, so he or she can focus on managing the brewery side of the business. Grier also helps clients find the perfect venue for their event. She then manages the process from the time of booking the event, to the set up of the event. The venue manager will then over see the rest of the event to make sure it is running smoothly.

What venues do you work with? Grier represents the following breweries in the Atlanta, Georgia area: The Lost Druid, Gate City Brewing Company, Pontoon Brewing, Wild Heaven Beer in West End and Avondale, New Realm Brewing Company, Three Taverns, and Second Self.

Why did you start this company? A friend who owns a brewery hired Grier to help with their special events. That turned into a job there and then she continued traveling and working in the industry until she decided to start her own company. She realized the need for the breweries to have a “go to person” to help them book their events. And the need to help clients find the perfect spot for their event.

Do you require clients to hire a professional planner for their events? It is not a requirement, but Grier strongly encourages it. She feels having a planner or coordinator will help you so you don’t have to run around and set things up. She wants you to relax and enjoy your event, not work at it!

What is included with the rental of the venues ? Included in the rental of the venue are tables, chairs, and any furniture that may be in the venue. Clients are welcome to bring in their own furniture. Parking is also included and they do have some AV equipment for slide shows or game watching.

Do you require your clients to book vendors you require or can they choose from a list of your recommendations? Grier has a list of recommended vendors or clients can choose their own.

Is outside ceremony or cocktail hour space available at your venues? Outdoor space is available at both Wilde Heaven locations.

What kind of events can be held at your venues? All kind of events. From engagement parties, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, showers to corporate events.

What trends are you seeing in the event industry right now? Corporate clients are doing the best they can during this time of Covid for employees regarding team building. They are doing a lot of virtual beer tastings with their employees. A kit of a 6 pack beer with a score card and taster glass for each guest are available for pick up or delivery. Milestone Birthdays and baby showers are also very popular. Most of these are smaller thirty to forty person events. Holiday parties are also popular at the breweries.

What procedures have you implemented due to Covid? Currently the guidelines are no more than 50 people per 300 square feet of space. For example at Pontoon 100 to 150 guests are allowed. The staff all wear protective masks and gloves. The glasses are plastic instead of glass, and if guests are seated they are asked to wear a mask. All the tables are 6 ft apart and no more than 4 guests are allowed at a table. There there are two attendants stationed at the buffet tables to serve the food. And guests are asked to wear their masks when ordering their drinks at the bar.

How do your couples find you? Most of them find the company through the breweries. Most couples have had their first date at the brewery, so they feel it is a special place to have their wedding or bridal shower. Some clients find the company on Google and Instagram.

What is the one piece of advice you would give engaged couples when choosing their wedding venue? Make sure you know what is included in the contact. Especially what the venues’ requirements are regarding food and drinks.

Where can folks find you? The website is And our Facebook and Instagram pages are Spirited Event Group.

So if you are looking for a unique spot to host your next special event, get in touch with Grier. She will help you find one of her venues and manage the booking process for you! Thank you Grier for taking the time to tell us all about Spirited Event Group! Sounds like an event at one of your breweries would be a lot of fun!


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