Congratulations on your Engagement!

Engagement season is here! Lots of folks are saying “Yes”! But what exactly are they saying yes to? A lifetime of love with their best friend is the most important thing. But what else does that yes mean? It means a lot of planning is ahead and a lot of choices need to be made. And a lot of compromising will be done! And a lot of money will be spent!

A wedding is one of the largest sums of money to be paid at one time for a one day event. Several vendors need to be hired, including a wedding planner or coordinator. Choices need to be made. Venue choice, music choice, napkin color choice – it is all there to be done. And the wedding you have been dreaming about for years may have to look a little different these days. 

A worldwide pandemic has thrown a serious curve ball in the wedding industry and it has changed the face of wedding planning as we know it. Large weddings may not be possible in some areas of the country, some folks may not be able to or want to travel. Covid tests need to be taken. Mask wearing, hand sanitizer and social distancing will be practiced. In person meetings have turned into Zoom meetings. As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, add in all of these elements and it can be overwhelming.

Don’t fret, having your wedding planner/coordinator at your side is essential. She will guide you and advise through these crazy times. Having her help you will reduce the overwhelm. Be patient and understanding and most of all be flexible. Things may change, so be prepared to make the changes. You will still be able to say “I Do” but just realize that you may have to make adjustments.

So say yes and be ready to plan the most amazing day of your life! But please hire a wedding planner and coordinator! She will make your life much easier during these difficult times.


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