Five Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Photo - Sarah Ingram Photography
Photo – Sarah Ingram Photography

Your BFF is getting married, she asked you to be her Maid of Honor! Yay, you are thrilled and can’t wait to be by her side on her special day! So what exactly are your responsibilities in this role? We have broken it down into the five most important tasks that you should do for your best friend!

  1. Wedding Dress Shopping – Do be encouraging, but do not tell her which dress to pick. Let her make the choice. Be kind and supportive.
  2. Bachelorette Party – You are the planner of this. Ask for ideas of what she would like to do, but don’t let her do the work. You take care of all communication with the bridesmaids and plan a fun girls weekend! One last bash!  
  3. Wedding Day – Help keep her calm on the day of her wedding while she is getting ready. She will be nervous and anxious. Your job is to be the steady rock of a friend that you are. Be there for her. She will get emotional. Have your hankies ready.
  4. Ceremony – Your responsibilities are to fix her train after she gets to the alter. Hold her bouquet during the ceremony and, and hand it back at the end of the ceremony.
  5. Reception – It’s your turn now. You will be in the spotlight to give your speech. Make sure you keep it short and sweet. There is no need to rehash every party you went to in college, and do not mention and ex boyfriends! Tell everyone what she means to you and how happy you are that she found the love of her life.

So being a Maid of Honor does have responsibilities, but they are not difficult. Be supportive and kind to your best friend. This is a milestone for her. She asked you to be her maid of honor for a reason. She knows you will be the rock she needs to lean on. Your job is to be there for her before, on and after her wedding day!


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