You Said Yes!

You said Yes! You have got the ring! You are ecstatic! You can’t wait to tell everyone! Then you realize – uh oh! What do I do first? Look for a Dress, Pick a Date, Find a Venue? These are all things that you will need to do, and fun things to do. But, you will need to prioritize your ideas and dreams realistically. You will need to come down from your wedding high, put your thinking cap on, and ask for help! A Wedding Planner is a great place to start as your resource to help you navigate these planning waters.

Here is our advice for the first 5 things you should do once you decide to marry the person of dreams.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

2. Make a Budget

3. Make a Guest List

4. Pick a Date

5. Book a Venue

Why this order? Here is why.

1. A Wedding Planner will help you with your checklist of items to be completed, your timeline of the day, and can help you find your venue and your vendors. Your wedding planner will be your guide and will educate you throughout the entire planning process.

2. Having a Realistic budget is key. Know how much you have to spend and make a list of the 3 things that are important for you to have on your wedding day, and this is where you will spend the bulk of your money. Is it flowers, the music, the food?

3. Make a Guest List Because this will have the largest impact on your wedding budget. How many people will you serve at an open bar? How many tables will need floral arrangements? How many guests will need transportation? You do not have to invite every single person you know to your wedding, and not everyone will get a plus one. Invite the people who mean the most to you and who you want to be with you to celebrate your wedding day.

4. Pick a Wedding date that would be enough time realistically to plan your wedding. Keep in mind it takes time to plan a wedding, it could take up to one year. Most venues book up pretty far in advance, as much as a year and a half out. So don’t be surprised if your dream venue is not available when you want it. Just be patient. You will find the perfect spot for your wedding reception. Ask yourself these questions when choosing a date? Do you have a favorite season? Do you want an outdoor wedding? Do you have a date that has meaning for you both?

5. You booked your Wedding Planner, You made a realistic Budget, You have narrowed down your Guest List, You Picked a Date. Now you Book the Venue, the spot where you will celebrate the most important day of your life! More questions to ask yourself, Do I want a Traditional Wedding, A Non-Traditional Wedding, A Destination Wedding, A Beach Wedding, A Ballroom Wedding, A Barn Wedding? Will all of our guests fit in the venue I love? The search may take some time, but make sure it is the right fit. The venue will be a reflection of you and your partner and of your love story and how you want to share your Wedding Day with the most important people in your lives!

Best Wishes! Have fun and enjoy your Wedding Planning!


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