Your Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony Site
Beach Wedding Ceremony Site

When you decide to get married and have a wedding, the Ceremony is the heart of your special day. It is very personal to the couple getting married. There are a few decisions that need to be made when planning the type of Ceremony you will have.

Will you have the Ceremony in a Church or will you have the Ceremony at a Venue?

Will you have a Religious Ceremony or will you have a Non-Religious Ceremony?

Will you write your own Vows?

Will the Officiant be someone who is a close friend or relative?

Will you have Readings?

What type of music will you have?

What type of decor do you want at your Ceremony?

Begin to think about these questions and talk them over with your fiancee to decide what is important to you both. The Ceremony is when you will become a married couple in front of the most important people in your life. Your guests love you and they want to be there with you to witness and celebrate your marriage. Your Wedding Planner/Coordinator is a great resource for you, so ask for her advice regarding your Ceremony. Make your Wedding Ceremony special, make it personal, and tell your love story. Plan your Wedding Ceremony to reflect your love for each other and the beginning of your married life together.


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