Wedding Planning Overwhelm!

Did you just get engaged? Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? You are not alone! The majority of couples we speak with feel the same way! Immediately the engagement the reality sets in with all of the work that has to be done to create your dream wedding day!

People will be congratulating you and asking you a million questions. Like when’s the date? Where’s the wedding? You won’t have these answers right away so it can be a little overwhelming! It takes months to plan a wedding, not days!

We have put together three tips for you to combat the wedding planning overwhelm, which is very real!

  1. Hire a professional wedding planner!
  2. Don’t try to please everyone!
  3. Ask questions!

You may love to plan and consider yourself a planner type and that is great! But you probably already have a full-time job and wedding planning takes up A LOT of TIME! So hire a professional for a few reasons, your planner will save you time, and money, and will have contacts with the best vendors in the industry. Unless you want to spend your weekends scrolling through vendor websites and reviews, let the planner take this item off your to-do list.

Everyone has an opinion and you will hear them all! You will be inundated with unsolicited advice and requests. Whether it is your mom, sister, bridesmaid, aunt, or friends they all will tell you what you should do! Or what they did for their wedding. Guess what, your wedding is unique to you! We are here to tell you that it is your day and it should be how you envision it with your partner! Yes, you may have some people contributing to your wedding budget and they will want to control where the money goes, but keep in mind what the day is really about. And that is the two of you and how you want to start the next chapter together as a married couple!

When shopping for an engagement ring there are the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat). In wedding planning, there are 4 C’s! The first two C’s are choices and compromises! You will be making many choices throughout the planning process, and some of those choices you may not like very much! You may not even understand what choices you have to make so don’t be afraid to ask. Especially when it comes to your vendor contracts. There may be some industry lingo in there that you don’t understand. Always ask, no question is too silly. And DO NOT assume that anything is included in the price. Ask for a breakdown of everything. Did you know some caterers charge $5 per slice of cake they cut? Or that if you want a champagne toast there will be a charge for that too? Make sure you know what you are paying for!

The third C is Creativity! Be creative when thinking about your overall wedding day vision, and the little details you can add that will personalize your wedding day. You have many things in common, and you can highlight that in the little details. Maybe you have a dog or cat or you both love the movies or a certain type of music. You can incorporate these little details to make your wedding unique! Some ideas are cocktail napkins with your fur babies photo on them, a guest book that is your favorite bottle of wine, or a coffee table book of the place you love the most. Be creative and think outside the box. The possibilities are endless. Your seating assignments can be luggage tags if you like to travel, table numbers can be the names of cities you visited together, and your reception music can be the genre you both love best!

The fourth C is for Couple! This is the day about the two of you, the couple. First dating, then engagement, and now marriage. It is about your relationship, your new family, and your new life together. Celebrate this milestone with those who are closest to you both! Remember what the real reason is for the day. Your love story, your marriage, and your new beginning together. It is about you both. Keep that in perspective when the planning starts to get out of control!

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for you as an engaged couple! It is a whirlwind of venues, vendors, florals, cakes, dresses, and most of all a milestone celebration of your love! Enjoy it! It is not a sprint it is a marathon. Enjoy the planning process, and seek guidance when you don’t know the answers. No question is too silly as you have not done this before!

Keep the wedding planning easy and simple with the 4C method! And when in doubt ask yourself this question when deciding on adding details to your wedding day – Do we want it or Do we need it? This will help you make a decision quickly and responsibly!

We would love to help you plan your wedding the fun, simple and easy way! Contact us today and we can help you to enjoy both the planning process and your wedding day! Our team of professional is here to provide you with the best service and experience you deserve on the most important day of your life!

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Photos by Lizzie Baker Photography


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