Wedding Day Traditions!


Wedding Day Traditions!

Do couples these days incorporate wedding traditions into their wedding day? That was a question we, Gloria Schulz Events, Wedding Coordinator, Atlanta asked some of our couples. And we found out, that yes they do! Some couples still use some or all of the most popular wedding traditions from the saying, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

The traditions of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue comes from an old English rhyme. Here are what these four items represent:

Something Old – represents the wedding couples past lives

Something New – represents their future lives together

Something Borrowed – is an item borrowed from a friend or family member who has a happy marriage, with the idea that their good luck will rub off on the newly married couple!

Something Blue – represents fidelity and love!

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For example, something old could be an heirloom jewelry piece from your grandmother. Something new could be your wedding dress, something borrowed maybe a veil, and something blue could be a monogram of the color blue inside your wedding dress!

There are also Religious traditions. These could be traditions that have been celebrated at weddings for generations. And the couple wishes to honor their heritage and their ancestors by continuing the traditions. For example the breaking of the glass at Jewish Ceremonies or placing flowers at the statue of Mary at Catholic Ceremonies. Or jumping the broom at African American ceremonies and Traditional Tea Ceremony for Asian couples. All of these have stories behind them and carrying on these traditions is important to the wedding couple and their families.

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Carrying a Bridal Bouquet – It started in ancient Greece and Rome when brides carried bouquets of herbs, like garlic and dill to ward off evil spirits. Carrying a favorite flower tradition became popular in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. She carried his favorite flower, snowdrops. Think about your bouquet and favorite flowers you want to use!

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Matching Bridesmaids’ dresses – While this is still popular, it was also started in Roman times as it meant good luck. Back then it was believed evil spirits would attend the wedding to try to curse the wedding couple. To make the spirits confused, the bridesmaids acted as decoys as they were dressed identically to the bride! 

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Have you given thought to the wedding day traditions you will incorporate on your wedding day? Are there religious traditions that have been used by your family for generations? No matter which traditions you decide to use on your wedding day, they should reflect you and your life and love story with your partner.


Now go ahead and think of what will make your day special by adding a tradition. Or you can even start your own wedding day tradition for your family. Maybe it is a dance you all do together at the reception or a drink that is served. Or maybe it is a cookie table where all the family members make cookies or a groom’s cake for your groom. It might even be a special gift that you give your parents. The possibilities are endless! Get creative!

If you need some help or inspiration with your wedding day traditions, Gloria Schulz Events, Wedding Coordinator, Atlanta, can assist you and offer some advice. For more information contact us here.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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