Wedding Postponement Tips

What do you do if you have to postpone your wedding due to some unfortunate circumstances? Right now we are experiencing this exact scenario. The Coronavirus has literally taken over the world, and the event industry has pretty much shut down. If this should happen to you, here are a few steps to take that will help you when rescheduling your wedding.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner. If you don’t already have one, hire one right now. This is what wedding planners do, they take care of unexpected situations. She can help you reschedule with your vendors, research new options and help you secure a new date. She will be by your side and she will be there for you to answer any questions you may have. And you will have a lot of questions. She will help you and educate you to navigate through the postponement process.

2. Keep Calm and Keep a Positive Attitude. Yes, planning a wedding is emotional, but the best thing to do is to be calm and positive and it will be much easier for you in the rescheduling process. Remember this is a bump in the road, and you will have your wedding. You will get married. It just may not be on the date you originally planned. You will have your dream day.

3. Keep it in perspective, you are not canceling your wedding, you are just moving it to a new date. It is disappointing now, but you are just delaying the date. You WILL have the wedding that you have been envisioning and dreaming of.

ou have been planning your wedding for a while and you are ready to tie the knot. But having your wedding right now will not be the wedding you really want to have. You will want all the guests you invited to be there to celebrate with you. And right now they cannot travel. So by waiting, you will have the wedding you want and it will be the most wonderful, memorable day of your life.


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