Micro Weddings – The New Trend

I think we are all in for a new trend in Weddings. The Mirco Wedding. You are probably saying to yourself what is a Micro Wedding, well it is what it sounds like. Small. Really small. Less than 50 guests, maybe only 25 guests. The new trend will be to have the people who mean the most to you at your side on your special day when you say “I DO” to the love of your life.

Keep it simple, keep it small, keep it personalized. Having a smaller wedding means you can socialize and I mean really visit with all of your guests. Instead of having to rush to get to say hi to everyone at your reception and miss the opportunity to be shaking it up on the dance floor, you can relax and visit with your family and friends. It is like having a nice dinner party at your home! It is the day you want to remember with all of your guests, not a blur of a memory of your day.

Having those important people there will make your wedding more meaningful and special. You can still have all the vendors you would have at a larger wedding, like the florist, the band, the photographer, the videographer, the planner. You don’t have to skimp on that. It will just as amazing and memorable.

So if you are recently engaged and your guest list is out of control, do yourself a favor and think about who you really want to be there on your special day. Do you really need your friend from Kindergarten at your wedding? Or would it be better to have your most true and dear friends and family with you? So think about it, start crossing those names off the list and feel the weight lifted from your shoulders. Remember this is your day and you are not celebrating your wedding day by pleasing other people. You are beginning a new life with your fiancee and having a wedding where you will be pleasing yourselves. Think small, think easy, think fun! Think Micro Wedding!


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