Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Tips

Hair & Makeup by Scoobie West & Company
Hair & Makeup by Scoobie West & Company

You have a gorgeous dress, pretty shoes and a beautiful engagement ring. These items will be photographed a lot on your wedding day. But so will you and your face! So seeking out the perfect Hair and Makeup Artists is extremely important!

A lot of you may have your favorite hairstylist, but she may not have a whole team who can take care of you and your bridesmaids. So what should you do? Seek out professionals who specialize in wedding hair and makeup. They have the experience of working with top of the line products, can work with large groups and know how to make you look naturally beautiful without heavy makeup.

Your best bet is to ask your wedding planner for recommendations. She has relationships with these artists, and knows their services are professional and reliable, and she can help you find the best one to fit your needs.

It is very important that you scheduled a trial run for both your hair and makeup. This is when you will bring photos of styles of what you like to show the hair and makeup artists. It is essential that you communicate your ideas clearly to them. You don’t want any surprizes on your special day!

One question we as planners get a lot is, who pays for the hair and makeup for the bridesmaids? Here is a great idea for you. Since it can be costly for the bridesmaids to pay for both services, as the bride you can offer to pay for their makeup as a gift to them. Then they just have to pay for their hairstyle. It is a great gesture from you and your bridesmaids will be appreciative of you for thinking of them and their budgets.

So get your hair and makeup artists booked and be prepared to look and feel like a Queen. It’s your day to look and feel beautiful! Enjoy every minute of it!


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