Day of Wedding Coordinator Myths Revealed!

Photo - Lindsey LaRue Photography
Photo – Lindsey LaRue Photography

We would like to take this blog to clear up some myths for engaged couples when it comes to the Day of Wedding Coordination. The job title and the job description are quite different. While it sounds like you are hiring a planner for just your wedding day, it is actually much more than that! Let us explain it to you!

Think of it this way, your favorite sports team has had a fantastic season. They are undefeated and heading into the championship game. Now, what do they do? They make a plan, they practice, practice, practice, and then they show up to the game PREPARED TO WIN! They just don’t show up the day of! They would lose!

Well, that is precisely what a Wedding Day of Coordinator does. The coordinator makes a plan in advance, communicates with your vendors, make a timeline of your day, and sees it all through for a beautiful wedding day. It takes many hours of work to create your wedding day plan.

They don’t just show up on the day of the wedding to work. They put in many hours ahead of time and do a lot of work and preparation BEFORE your wedding day. This is to make sure it all goes according to plan! The coordinator is fully PREPARED TO MANAGE YOUR DAY!

So when we get a call for our services and a couple says, “oh we just need someone for the day of”, our answer is YES you do, but you also need someone to make the plans, communicate and coordinate with you and your vendors in advance of the day!  So the phrase day-of coordinator is not a true representation of what is included in the job! It is a myth!

Another myth most couples believe is that their mom, sister, or cousin will be their day of coordinator. Well we do not recommend this and here is why:

  1. They want to be guests at your wedding, not work it.
  2. They are not wedding professionals.
  3. They will be stressed out trying to please you!

And please do not think you can do it yourself. You can’t, you have enough to do. You will be very stressed and won’t enjoy your day!

One more bit of guidance, do not wait until the month before your wedding because you thought you or your mom could do it. Suddenly you realize how much work it is and you can’t do it all! You will have a hard time finding a planner or coordinator to help you as they are already booked up!  Wedding planners and get booked far in advance. Sometimes twevle to eighteen months before the wedding day! Plan smart and plan in advance, and you will have less stress and more fun on your wedding day! 

So we hope this sheds some light and reveals the myths of the meaning of wedding day-of coordinator!


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