5 Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Book

Wedding Photographer’s Capture Your Wedding Day!
Wedding Photographer’s Capture Your Wedding Day!

Your Wedding Photographer is one of the most important vendors you will hire for your wedding day. The photos will be your lasting memory of your most special day. When you hire your photographer for your wedding, you will need to ask some very important questions to learn about their services. Here are the top 5 things you should ask.

1. How many hours of coverage are included in my contract? You will want to know exactly how many hours are included in their package. Especially if you want them there for the entire event. 8-10 hours is a typical package. And that will cover from you getting ready until the grand exit at your reception. You will want to have all the important details photographed!

2. Have you ever worked at my venue before? This is helpful because they will know the spots with the preferred lighting or if there are any issues with the lighting. If they haven’t worked there before, ask them if they can visit the venue before your wedding day.

3. Do you shoot in digital or film? Or both? This is important to know because you may like a certain photographic style, and you want to make sure your photographer fits your style.

4. Will there be a second shooter? Having a second shooter ensures more of the day will be captured. This way all of the important events of your day will be covered.

5. How long after the wedding will we receive the photos? You will be anxious to see your photos, but it takes some time for the editing process to be completed. Especially if it is film, as it will be sent away to be developed. Ask if they can send you a few sneak peek photos from the day to hold you over until the photos arrive!

After you ask these questions of the photographer you are considering to hire, you will have a better idea on how they can serve you on your special day!


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