Interview with Sarah Clawson, Owner of Sarah Clawson Films, Atlanta, Georgia

We sat down with Sarah Clawson, an award-winning videographer and owner of Sarah Clawson Films, and asked her a few questions about her wedding videography business. With a recent website update and rebranding we thought this would be the perfect time to interview Sarah and learn more about Sarah and her business.

Sarah started her videography career with her husband in her native New Orleans in 2012 filming a friend’s wedding. And she immediately fell in love with videography! Her husband was her business partner and second shooter. Three years ago her husband had a calling to complete his Masters’s Degree to become a teacher. So Sarah took a leap of faith and became a solopreneur in her videography business. Today Sarah is one of only a few female wedding videography business owners in Atlanta. Sarah recently won the 2023 Allie Award for Best Event Videography.

With over ten years of experience filming over 200 weddings, Sarah has a passion for serving her couples. Her approach to her business is above all else that she is here to serve her clients. When we asked Sarah what she loves about her job, her answer was “to serve others and to serve them well”. She enjoys the process of getting to know her clients throughout the planning process. She doesn’t just show up on the wedding day and film their wedding. And this is what sets Sarah and her business apart. She nurtures her relationships with her clients during the planning process because she wants to get to know them and what their needs are. This will help Sarah to tell their love story. She wants them to know that great care will be taken in editing their video and that they can count on her to tell their love story. She loves to be creative to make each video a personalized story of the couple.

Sarah had her own wedding filmed 12 years ago by a dear friend and each time she watches on her anniversary she gets very emotional. With every passing year, she feels that the video takes on more value to her. And she wants her clients to feel the same way.

As a videographer, she has seen the industry change over time, especially when the pandemic hit. Many videographers dropped out of the wedding industry. Sarah describes her wedding videos as a legacy for generations to come. For her couples to watch and for their families and one day their own children, the video will have a lasting impact on generations to come. Hearing the voices of those who have passed, seeing the details of the day, and hearing the vows are all memories that can be re-lived over and over again. Sarah is a story-based video editor. She loves to be creative to make each video a personalized story of the couple. It takes Sarah many long hours to edit a wedding video because she is very meticulous in creating videos about her couples and their love story.

Sarah books only a select number of weddings each year. She is not a volume-based videography company. Because of the large amount of time she puts into working with her couples before, during, and after their wedding day, Sarah is committed to serving her couples with the best service. Sarah’s services include creating videos of the rehearsal dinner since this is when a lot of the speeches take place, the wedding day, raw footage, a teaser full, and a feature film of the wedding day. We asked Sarah when in the planning process her clients book and her answer was as far out as one year. And longer for the prime months of May and October. Since Sarah has been in the industry for so long, over ten years, while most videographers have only been in business for a couple of years, Sarah has the experience to anticipate the unexpected on the wedding day. There are so many moving parts to a wedding day and being able to adjust and adapt quickly is an important quality to have. Especially with the weather. It can be beautiful one minute and pouring down rain the next. You are getting an experienced, knowledgeable videographer when you hire Sarah. You can trust her to bring your wedding day love story to life!

When Sarah meets with potential couples, they think they may not need a videographer, but a friend has advised them to hire one. The day after the wedding when the couple watches a teaser video, they end up sobbing and hearing the words that are so important and realizing how much value the video has. Once her couples watch it they say I can’t believe I almost didn’t have this!

As a wedding planner, we have seen that some couples choose not to hire a videographer. Their reasons could be related to their budget or they have an idea that it is something they will never watch. From past experience with our clients, those who decided at the last moment to hire a videographer were so happy that they did. The wedding day is filled with so many details: flowers, food, music, and cake that are used on that one specific day. However, the video is the only detail that can be watched over and over again with friends and family and generations to come.
Gloria Schulz Events and Sarah Clawson Films highly recommend hiring a videographer right after the photographer. The two will work together seamlessly to bring your wedding day to life!

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Summer Wedding, Atlanta Georgia


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