Wedding Budget

Way back in the day, the tradition was that the parents paid for everything for their child’s wedding. But times have changed and so have the traditions. Today’s etiquette of who will pay for the wedding is ever-changing. These days even the couple themselves find themselves paying for some or all of the wedding expenses. […]

Wedding Budget Help!

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4 tips to trim down your list! The first thing you should do when you get engaged is to start your guest list! Who gets an invite to your wedding day? As you begin to write your list, you see that it starts to get longer instead of shorter. Some questions I hear a lot […]

Your Wedding Guest List

Want some information about the real cost of your wedding? Weddings cost a lot of money, here we give you some advice on how to save some!

How Much Will My Wedding Cost?

Your Wedding Budget is very important! This blog post will give you tips to help you stay on budget!

The Wedding Budget!