Lisa & Alex

Summer Country Club Wedding
Golf Club of Georgia

When our couple contacted us they had not found a venue yet and they were getting overwhelmed with all of the choices to be made. Luckily the venue was easy to choose as the family were members of the Golf Club of Georgia in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our couple had very demanding accounting careers and planning a wedding during tax season was very stressful and timeconsuming for them. To save them time, we provided the names of vendors who were experienced professionals and were within our couples budget. We created a customized checklist for our couple to follow which spread the planning out over a period of time so they did not have to rush to complete it all at once! We assigned priroty tasks and would check in with them during the process to see how they were doing and provide supoort and and answers to questions when needed. Since our process was easy and simple, our couple was able to focus on their careers and plan a wedding at the same time! They were able to relax the weeek of their wedding since they had their simple customized plan to follow and had us at their side guiding them along the way!

Busy with their careers and overwhelmed with so many choices to make, our couple needed guidance and support! 

Golf Club of Georgia, Alpharetta, Georgia






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golf club of georgia


Wedding planning is very time consuming and you want someone that will put you at ease and give you peace of mind. I know a lot of couples who did not want to spend money on a planner and thought they could do it all themselves. They ended up overly stressed out the week of their wedding. I was very relaxed our wedding week and had very little to worry about knowing that I had GSE to take care of anything that came up.  

-Lisa, bride

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