Alison & Jack

Fall wedding
christ the king
atlanta, georgia

Alison and Jack had their wedding ceremony take place at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta, Georgia. Their recpetion was held at the Emory Hotel and Conference Center due to the large size of their families. However the chuch ceremony was at 12 noon and the reception did not start until 5:00 pm. Leaving a pause in between the two events! So there was a gap of time to be filled. Since they did not do a First Look, all of their photos were taken at a beautiful park near by the church called the Duck Pond in Buckhead. They were able to bring the wedding party there with them on a trolly and take all of the photos during the brilliant fall day. It was a great use of that extra time. It allowed them the opportunity  to attend and enjoy their cocktail hour and visit with over the two hundered guests at attendance! Having us create their timeline of the day made the transition time from cermony to reception go smoothly and seamless!  

Church ceremony with reception not immediately following!

cathedral christ the king






Nicole Sandercock photography

the Tc show

ekko Floral design

emory conference center



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